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Our expertise to support small-to-mid-sized corporates with financial advice. Large and listed corporations find an overcapacity of professional advisory in the market. Conversely, in our experience, dynamic, innovative, small- to mid-sized companies find it difficult to obtain expert corporate finance advice.

Similar to our strategy in “venture capital” we focus  on industries where we can understand the economics and can assess asset-yields and -risks  in order to derive the right corporate finance strategy and instruments. Here, we are capable to structure and, most importantly, place all relevant instruments of the capital stack. Starting from the top we help to raise straight equity by developing the equity story, documentation followed by the arrangement of presentation training, organization of road shows and book-building.

Realisation of an efficient financial structure for corporates and investments
In many cases hybrid equity/ debt is the more favourable and sometimes is as well the more available instrument. We can help structure cash yields, ring-fence assets or intellectual property,  define equity kickers, ratchet agreements, option structures and collateral agreements to  engineer a match between investor and company requirements. We place these instruments amongst specialist investors e.g. mezzanine debt funds, bridge lenders, private equity  funds or “regular” banks.

In the world after the financial crisis, stringent capital regulation forces more write-downs, so liquidity and refinancing concerns have a significant impact on banks’ lending practice and availability of the pillar of investment: Senior debt.

Particularly SME’s may find it increasingly difficult to raise or refinance senior debt going forward. We help to find alternative ways to make the loan more appealing to banks’ current appetite and will try to tap new sources of debt e.g. among the newly founded lending operations of pension funds and life insurance companies.

Definition and implementation of core and exit strategies 
Lastly, we see a lot of chance in distress situations. Once it is clear which sacrifices have to be made, the viable core of a company can be saved. We assist in assessing the dynamics of all involved parties, define a new strategy for the company, negotiate with banks to accept cuts, refinance, find new equity or distressed debt etc. We do this in close contact with specialist distressed investors to assure that funds are available.


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