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Venture Capital

Economic growth largely results from ideas and innovations. Often these ideas are developed by one or a small group of entrepreneurial individuals determined to build a company.

There usually comes a point at which friends and family are not enough anymore to take the innovation or the company to ”the next stage”. Companies in this point of the lifecycle are usually idea-rich and cash-poor. Naturally our service approach has to accommodate this fact. Consequently we are keen to be engaged for ”the long run”.

For that we make a great effort to fully understand your business model. We consider this a prerequisite to explore your strategic options and how to make them happen, financially and operationally.

In order to achieve this we evaluate short- and long-term goals, derive financial needs, analyse risks and crystallize all that in a financial model.

It is crucial to get a feeling for how different kinds of investors will perceive your business and under which conditions they will be willing to fund the venture. Different combinations of instruments such as straight equity, hybrid capital may suit your specific needs.

Before you present your company and financial needs we serve as your sparring partner so you are well prepared to face professional investors. After testing market appetite for the instrument and pricing we help to produce the required documentation. We identify suitable investors and present your case. The more interest we can generate for you the better are the chances for an optimal pricing. This success is the basis for our reward. You win, we win!


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