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Weisshorn Capital Partners

We have bundled our sixty years of combined  expertise in investment banking, asset management and consulting to create a company that is fully dedicated to real-assets, renewable energy and special corporate finance advisory. Our ideal is to be part of the asset-origination process where we perform all the research-work and evaluate the attractiveness of an asset before we structure the investment vehicle or place it with institutional investors and family offices.

In real-assets we currently arrange direct investments in farm-land in Latin America. We analyse the macro-economy and deduce clear defined property investment strategies with regards to country risk, type and micro/macro location. Based on this we endeavour to source the appropriate assets to implement the strategy. As economic principles are universal, renewable energy investments form part of the global asset pool and decision making. We take pride in the fact that when we fund or place photovoltaic, wind-infrastructure or advise on other RenEn-projects that we have added our fair share to lower the carbon footprint of civilisation. With the same aim we are keen to support philanthropic pharma-funds or provide venture capital to companies that could "make a difference". Lastly, our background in financial-research and risk-management draws us to advise banks and insurance companies in risk and capital market matters.

Our roots are in capital markets where at the core of our services there always stands capital, risk and reward. The various dimensions of capital e.g. risk, duration, capital gains, cash yield etc. span-up an infinite room of imaginable and within that situation specifically appropriate combinations. Our contacts to very heterogeneous types of investors e.g. private equity, distressed equity/debt, asset based, senior etc in London, Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia allow us to source the perfect investor for our clients. Last but not least, we provide advice but, we don‘t charge consulting hours. We want to be measured by the validity of our advice and so we charge fees when we were able to place the instrument that we have structured.





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